Chat Bots Vs Customer Service Robots - Why Each Should Be Used

Which Is Better ???

Chatbot vs. Live Chat: Which is Winning the Customer Service Game and Why?


The customer service chatbot, also known as Customer Service Virtual Human, has gained popularity in recent years. However, live chat is far superior. Here is a comparison between the two, so you can make a fair decision.

Function / Purpose

If you look carefully, you'll notice that chatbot is a service that helps you do repetitive actions such as following a link, posting a message and watching a video. With this, you can interact with your customers in a simple language that they can understand, so you can serve them better. Live chat is a fully interactive service, which lets you deal with customers face-to-face or through instant messaging, so you can deal with them personally.


Live chat is much more affordable because you're not investing in expensive, permanent infrastructure. It's up to you to install the necessary hardware and software on your own time and expense however you prefer. Chatbot, on the other hand, might be more expensive because it's an application that you need to maintain continuously, in addition to the costs of the hardware and software.

More Convenience

The way you interact with your clients is just one way you can deal with them. You can also give them more options to choose from when giving replies, giving support, arranging for a live chat session or just simply keeping in contact with them in general.


The real benefit of a chatbot is that you can get more responses and satisfied customers by using it. You can also get in touch with your potential customers quickly when they're around, especially during peak hours when you can potentially have more interaction with them. This is particularly important in the event that there is a shortage of it. You can use a chatbot for all sorts of purposes such as follow-up, surveys, appointment scheduling, feedback, and also to promote your business. All with a click of a button. It's truly a powerful tool.

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