Why Is Website Designing So Important?

If Your Not Mobile First Your Mobile Last

It's no secret that mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing as the web browsing tool of choice. According to ComScore, during 2015 mobile browsing accounted for 52% of total web traffic and this number is set to reach 68% in 2021. This equates to a whopping 6.3 billion people using mobile phones to browse the internet in 2021. This is a problem not only for website owners but for marketing firms who see their mobile website traffic increase as mobile users increase their browsing.


This is a time for website designers to re-evaluate their websites and redesign them to serve mobile users. While the move to mobile browsing is not completely ongoing, the opportunity is. The shift is in how users access the web from their smartphones. Web designers who do not build mobile-friendly websites are missing out on a huge source of new traffic to their websites and losing users to rivals.


This is why the number of mobile-friendly websites is so important. Since the amount of mobile browsing is increasing, the need to provide a pleasurable browsing experience to mobile users is essential. When viewed on a mobile device, the web design has to be compatible with the screen size, OS, and orientation.


For designers, it's not enough that users access your website from their mobile devices. It's equally important that they are able to navigate through the website as they would any other website. A website that does not provide navigation options is not a website that will retain users.


It is highly advised that web designers incorporate the best design practices for mobile-friendly websites into their current website. Website design providers, if they are looking at doing mobile site development, make sure they make use of the best practices for mobile responsive websites to maximize the results from their efforts. The only way to ensure that the best responsive website practices are made use of by web designers is to make use of them yourself.

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